Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Create Your Customized WordPress Blog

Blogger blogs are great for beginners but isn't it time to step up to the big leagues and host your own blog. When you host your own WordPress blog, you have more control over the look & feel of the blog and YOU make the rules. You aren't subject to following someone else's rules. Blogger's rules are certainly fair but still wouldn't it be better if you were the one making the rules?

It's actually quite simple to create and host your own customized WordPress blog. It can be set up, customized, and running surprisingly quickly. If you're ready to create your own blog, you'll want to check out the WordPress Blog Online Home Study Course.

Welcome to the Make Money Online Blog

Welcome to the Make Money Online Blog. This is my first post. The purpose of this blog is to provide helpful & actionable information, tools, & resources for people who want to make money online.

Links to other blogs related to this topic will be posted as well as suggested tools & resources that will help you achieve your goal to make money online.